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Intro: "Template Magic for Beginners" by Roland Bock

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I am very proud to present our special guest Roland Bock for the August meetup.
He's going to drive all the way from Munich to Dresden to give us an introduction to C++ Template Magic.

Roland is the main author and maintainer of the sqlpp11 library.
I first met him at Meeting C++ in 2015 and was impressed by both his template tricks as well as his presentation skills.

He wrote the following abstract for his talk:

Many expert talks on C++ simply assume that you know your way around Template Meta Programming (TMP) and jump right into it. Sometimes the presented code and functionality will almost seem like arcane magic to the untrained eye.
In this talk I will give you an introduction to commonly employed TMP techniques like partial specializations, SFINAE, type traits, tag dispatch, and CRTP. The talk will include real world examples and hints as to how some of these techniques are influenced by the development of the language.
You won't become a template wizard within this one hour, but you will have a better idea of what is going on the next time you encounter TMP.
And maybe you will develop an appetite for exploring the world of TMP yourself?

Please seize this opportunity and invite everybody who might appreciate a bit of C++ template magic.

Roland intends to present this talk at international conferences as well, so it'll be held in Englisch.