• NBR + DWRT: Runventure!

    McCarren Park Track

    We have an exciting event with our friends at NBR. It's a 6-7M scavenger hunt that will start from their turf, McCarren Park and end at our turf Amity Hall. Along the way, teams of 4 have to solve around 10 tasks, usually involving taking photos as answers. It's going take Strategy, Speed, and Street Smarts to be crowned Champions! It'll be a great way to have fun, meet our NBR friends and explore our wonderful city! ☞ Date: Sep 22, Sunday ☞ Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm with post activity drinks/brunch at Amity Hall (downtown) ☞ Location: McCarren Park's northern apex of the track, "The Bins" to Amity Hall Downtown location ☞ Route: McCarren Park to Amity Hall. In between is up to you! ☞ Format: Mixed NBR + DWRT teams of 4 solving 10 tasks around the city ☞ Bring: Phone ☞ Bag drop is available ☞ Scoring: A (Place) = If you finish first, you get 200 pts, next team 190, 180, 170 etc. B (Tasks) = 25 pts for every completed task C (Bonus) = 50 pts for each bonus task Total score = A + B + C Total possible points are 600. All scoring is done through photo captured by one camera phone from each team. ☞ Prizes: 1st: $50 gift cards per person 2nd: $25 gift cards per person 3rd: $10 gift cards per person ☞ RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/702636236824749/

  • Downtown Easy Run

    Amity Hall

    http://www.amityhallnyc.com/ Patricia, Joe, Cici, Laura, Riri, June, Annalisa, and Melissa will lead a range of pace groups for an easy run from Amity Hall, West Village location. You can leave a bag here and then head out for a run. After the run we invite everyone to hang out for a drink or food! Paces will range anywhere depending on who shows up but it's 7:45/8:00 to 10:30 min/mile. Distance is usually just around 5 miles. Great beer selection, sports bar, and tasty food! It's also conveniently located - a stone's throw away from the West 4th subway stop. (Amity Hall has extended happy hour specials for all runners and do separate checks).

  • Central Park Training Run

    72nd by Bethesda Fountain

    Our Tuesday night Central Park training workouts are typically tempo runs or hill repeats. These workouts are usually very well attended with a wide variety of paces. The meeting spot is at the 72nd street transverse by Bethesda Fountain. There we'll give the full workout details, including distance, pacing groups, expected run time, and where we plan on meeting at the end. You can expect a typical workout to be between 5 and 8 miles (or less during hill workouts). A note on warm ups: We do not do a full warm up as a group in Central Park, so we encourage you to show up at 7 p.m. having jogged an easy mile or two ahead of time. If it's your first time meeting us, feel free to come a few minutes early with any questions. There are many other groups who meet on 72nd St so look for the one with folks in Whippet singlets. Please note that there is no place to store bags inside Central Park. Pack light, or store your bags at a nearby gym if you are a member. Another option is the JackRabbit Store (formerly New York Running Company) at the Time Warner Center, which stays open until 9pm: https://www.jackrabbit.com/info/locations/store/new-york-running-company-time-warner-center

  • Prospect Park Training Run

    Prospect Park

    We will be doing a Prospect Park training run meeting at the Grand Army Plaza Entrance to the Park (right outside the Park) at 7:00 PM. The planned run will be posted at last 24 hours before the start of the training run. Please post your planned pace for the run so we can make sure everyone will have a companion to run with!

  • Wednesday Morning Run

    72nd by Bethesda Fountain

    We're trying to bring the Wednesday morning runs back for the summer! This is meant to be an easy run (i.e. a loop of the park). Please post your pace in the comments!

  • Brooklyn Easy Run

    The Douglass

    Guess who's back?! Special edition! This will be a group bib pickup run. We will run to the Bkn Half pre-party. Get bibs then do an easy run back to the Douglass for eats & drinks. Join us every Wednesday for a 5-6 mile conversation pace run departing from The Douglass. Afterwards we'll gather for post run pints and tasty pub fare. This is a great run for new members and more established members alike, and perfect opportunity to get to know your teammates better in an informal setting. Bag drop is available. The Douglass is conveniently located within walking distance of the Atlantic Ave Station (2, 3, 4, 5, N, R, Q, B, D, LIRR) and Union Street Station (R). http://www.thedouglass.com/

  • Central Park Speed Workout

    Bethesda Fountain

    We will meet at 7pm in the same location as the Tuesday night run on the 72nd transverse overlooking the Bethesda Fountain. Your 1-2 mile warm up run should be done independently before meeting at 72nd. Workouts vary but we generally do short intervals at higher paces than on tempo runs done on Tuesday with jog recoveries in between or oscillating paces between mid to fast end of your personal paces tolerances. If you need a place to drop off a bag the go to location for folks who don’t live near the park is the lockers available at the Jack Rabbit’s store on the 2nd floor of the TWC at Columbus Circle.

  • East River Park Track Workout

    East River Park Track

    This is a weekly workout focused on shorter speedwork, such as 400m to one-mile repeats, though we sometimes run longer. Look for your teammates on the track infield. We usually gather near the long jump pit. If you arrive 5-10 minutes late, you can find us warming up as a group in the outer lanes. NOTE: There is no bag check. Please leave your bag at home/office, or drop it at a nearby gym. (Optionally, you can drop your bag in the infield, but please don't bring any valuables!)

  • Prospect Park Thursday Speed Workout

    Prospect Park Entrance at Grand Army Plaza

    We are hosting weekly "track" workouts at Prospect Park every Thursday evening. The workouts will be identical to the East River Park Track workout of the week, which will be posted at least 24 hours beforehand. Although there is no track at Prospect Park, we'll find the flattest part of the park to do the scheduled workout. All paces are welcome. Please comment in Talk about this Meetup if you have any questions!