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Blockchain is immutable! This is what we hear all the time, but Blockchain systems need to be updated to deal with technological improvements and changing business requirements.

So what are the challenges related to the upgrade of a Blockchain infrastructure and to the Smart Contracts that have been deployed on it? Which frameworks and methods can be applied in the context of public or permissioned blockchains?

Arthur Breitman - Founder of Tezos, Pietro Abate - Senior Research Engineer at Nomadic Labs, Jorn Erbguth - GDPR and Blockchain expert, and Guillaume Goutaudier - Blockchain Architect at Oracle, will share their thoughts and experience on this subject.

- Blockchain governance challenges and possible models, Jorn Erbguth, 30 min
- Consortia Governance and Access Control on Hyperledger, Guillaume Goutaudier, 30 min
- Tezos governance model, Arthur Breitman and Pietro Abate, 30min
- Networking apero