DevOps & Infrastructure NRW #17 @InVision

Invision AG

Speditionstr. 5 · 40221 Düsseldorf

Wie du uns findest

When you arrive at the location use the stairs next to the well. We're on the ground floor of the building on the right.

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Let’s get together for edition #17 of the DevOps Meetup DUS!

Here's our schedule:

19:00 Doors & Drinks

19:45 Manage k8s with Puppet (Fabio Coatti, @covafe)

Kubernetes on premise could be challeging to manage, even more so when the scale is on the hundreds of servers. In this talk we will see a way to solve this challenge by mixing pre-cloud configuration management system and latest kubernetes technology.

Fabio Coatti (@covafe) is an engineer at Metronom, working in the team dedicated to install and maintain Kubernetes. Long time open source user and advocate, started to play with linux since 0.99pl13 and still having fun.

20:15 Break

20:30 Infrastructure to support Image Classification on a Large Scale (Sayon Kumar Saha, @crazy_lens)

In this talk I'll give a brief overview of the AWS infrastructure we built at trivago to support external & in-house machine learning models performing image classification tasks. We have 70+ Million hotel images with a range of 80+ associated image tags & concepts such as Pool, Bedroom, Spa, Beach, etc. Using various AWS components, the serverless image tagging pipeline takes care of pre-processing the incoming images and supporting models to tag them for streaming out to relevant stakeholders.

Sayon is an image enthusiast working at trivago (, focusing in the area of data science (computer vision and NLP problems) & data engineering (AWS technologies). Beyond work, he is active in the local tech-community, a lot into photography and maintains a blog at

21:00 Networking & Drinks

22:00 EOM (End of Meetup)