DevOps & Infrastructure NRW #18 @InVision

DevOps Düsseldorf
DevOps Düsseldorf
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Invision AG

Speditionstr. 5 · 40221 Düsseldorf

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When you arrive at the location use the stairs next to the well. We're on the ground floor of the building on the right.

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Let’s get together for the first edition of the DevOps Meetup in 2020!

In case you have any ideas on topics you’d like to talk about or present at the meetup, please reach out to Daniel Heitmann ( - organiser of this meetup group!

So here's the first draft agenda for January meetup.

But before we get started, please be advised that the amount of food that is specially prepared for the meetups, depends on the amount of RSVPs.

If you can't make it, please be so kind to update your RSVP accordingly at least a day in advance. There's no shame in that. Don't let some amazing food go to waste! Thanks!


19:00 Drinks, food (vegan options available), get to know each other

19:45 Demystifying Java in Containers by Daniel Kleuser (

"No one runs Java applications in containers." This or similar statements might sound familiar to you. When it comes to Java (or other languages running on the JVM) in containerized environments, there's a lot of negative comments on the internet or you'll find a lot of hesitancy towards doing so when chatting with others. In this talk, I'll show you that it is possible to run Java in containers (and that even performantly ;-)) and what to look out for.

20:15 Break

20:30 Makefiles in 2020 — Why they still matter by Simon Brüggen (

Make is turning 44 years old in 2020. But it is still one of the best tools to help you DRY up your CI/CD pipelines and make them more modular. Something that is invaluable when moving to a microservice architecture with many independently build and tested projects or onboarding new people to existing projects. This talk will compare it to other possible solutions and show why Makefiles are still useful today.

Since finding a passion for computers in the mid-2000s Simon has had issues staying in just one role and defining what he does. Learning that the industry came up with the DevOps term changed his life. At trivago he's been doing various DevOpsy things, currently as the resident Makefile wizard in the Release Engineering team.

21:00 More drinks, networking

22:00 Official end of event