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DevOps Nürnberg
DevOps Nürnberg
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Dieses Event ist vorbei


Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation haben wir uns dazu entschlossen das DevOps Meetup etwas "upzudaten" ...

Anstatt vor Ort treffen wir uns gemeinsam zur DevOps Meetup Remote-Edition im GfK Zoom-Channel.

Der Zeitplan wurde wie folgt angepasst:

17:00 Uhr ... kurze Begrüßung

17:10 Uhr ... Themen

In this first iteration of the Nuremberg DevOps Meetup at GfK, we want to show you two very interesting examples of our SREs’ daily work: One cutting-edge continuous deployment approach for Kubernetes presented by Daniel Aguado and one unique and fully automated Linux server data encryption concept presented by Andre Frimberger.

1) GitOps is a new way to manage the CD pipelines that enables us to take advantage of all git features:
- the repository is our single source of truth
- the single place we operate (create, change and destroy)
- all changes are observable or verifiable
- we can track when, by whom and why the status changed (e.g. when we need to deploy a new version)
- roll back to a previous state (e.g. disaster recovery)

And at the same time we increase our reliability delegating the deployment task to an operator that needs continuously monitor our cluster to reconcile its status with our desired status (saved on the repository).

2. In small environments an encrypted block device under Linux can be unlocked by entering the passphrase manually. But how do you scale that approach?

How do you automatically reboot patched servers at night without manual interaction? We explain why Ansible alone is not suitable and show you, how block devices can be automatically unlocked by utilizing Hashicorp Vault.

18:00 Uhr ... Q&A Session sowie Networken mit Video, Ton und Bier ;-)

Link zum Zoom-Channel, bitte kurz vorab anmelden:

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