Online Meetup: Remote Working

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DevOps Stuttgart
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Given the current situation, which means that most of us will probably work from home, we thought that having an exchange on the topic might be interesting for many us. We try to collect a list of topics and ideas around:

* how to keep team spirit up, while not seeing each other for a long time
* how to make sure, information is spread without drowning in meetings
* what tools to use to replace whiteboards and face2face discussions
* remote pair programming
* effective usage of remote meeting tools
* how to cope with closed kindergartens and schools

We try to get some "experts" - i.e. people who used to work from home even before Corona forced us to do so - to share their experience and will also collect your questions and problems as well as your ideas to have the chance to moderate the (remote) discussion in a non-chaotic way.

In general, there is not too much we can / want to provide upfront - so if you plan to join, be prepared to deliver some content as well :)

We are collecting topics here please share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comments, we then will cluster them and add them to the document.

We will publish a link to join the event soonish.