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DISCLAIMER: This is cross-promotion for a Meetup organized by the ThoughtWorks Stuttgart Meetup group. Since the topic is closely related to the usual DevOps Stuttgart topics and I didn't want to give the same presentation twice, I hope it's fine for you if I announce it here as well.

When managing cloud infrastructure, Hashicorp’s Terraform has become a very popular tool to implement infrastructure as code. Terraform makes it quite easy to get started but once your infrastructure grows or your team gets bigger, there are some challenges in how to automate your Terraform provisioning.
In this Meetup Michael wants to share some lessons learned from building his very first Terraform Pipeline for a production system and how to approach this challenge. This is also the story of recovering from a total infrastructure outage and moving from a monolithic approach to a more structured and modular infrastructure code base.

Topics will be:
* a brief introduction to Terraform
* what is a Terraform state
* how to reduce the blast radius of Terraform gone wrong
* what to consider when running Terraform in a pipeline
* a pipeline blueprint to get you started
* how to test your infrastructure code

Although some of the examples will be shown with Terraform on Azure, the underlying principles will be applicable to any cloud provider that is supported by Terraform. After a 60 minute presentation there will be a Q&A session where you can share your own experience with infrastructure automation and discuss with the other attendees.

Michael joined ThoughtWorks as an infrastructure consultant in 2019. Coming from an "everything on-premise company" he is now quickly catching up with what is going on in the public cloud world and is driven by a high passion for automation and high quality (infrastructure) code. He is regularly sharing his learnings and challenges on Meetups and enjoys being an active contributor to the DevOps community in and around Stuttgart.


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