Worum es bei uns geht

I'm Portuguese, from "Lisboa" but newcomer in Berlin, and I'm starting as professional cook, aspiring to be a chef. Speak Portuguese and English, understand French and Spanish, and I'll try to learn German while here.

The idea is to have a great time while I cook and share delicious recipes as cultural insights, which may be about Portugal, Lisbon, but not only because travel is a passion, like food is. Intended purpose of this group to share:

+ Meet new people
+ Cook and eat together
+ Exchange cultural insights
+ Make new friends

I offer and share my own humble space to you. Please keep it clean and help if needed. We may also do it in your space, if you are willing to share it with us in one of the events. Events may occur weekly or bi-weekly in one of my days off I'll use for that purpose.

The costs will be shared as price for attending and vacancy is limited to 6 persons (space limitations around table for now :)
The idea is to try having a different entry (or soup or salad), a main dish and a dessert on each event, like traditionally we've in Portugal, with family and/or friends. I'll try to "travel" around different Portuguese regions on this cooking & food experience. I'll share recipes with attendees and we may even try to pair & taste some wine sometimes, Portuguese of course.

I don't have any dietary restrictions, food allergies and religious restrictions so if you have, please let me know in advance so that I can warn you what's included and maybe you need to skip that one.

If you are not coming, please sign out of the event so that the space is free for someone else on an eventual waiting list. Plans change for everybody but I'll have some work involved on preparation so have some consideration with that, and with the other attendees.

Finally lets be kind and respectful within the group and with all participants. The event will be more fun and memorable if we all help together. Therefore, let me know your ideas and insights for any future event or theme.

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(A)Round table - Picnic II

Bürgerpark Pankow

After tonights dining and despite the tricky weather we decided to go for a 2nd picnic, fingers crossed, now on Pankow Burgerpark. From 3 hosts we already have in the menu "pasteis de bacalhau" (portuguese cod fritters), a cake and Japanese chicken... besides that everybody must try to bring something and its own drink, foodware utensils and blanket (these may end to be shared but isn't guarantee, so its better like this :) When "registering" just tell us what you are thinking on bringing and if someone else is coming together with you.

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(A)Round table - Chapter XII

Flensburger Str. 1

10,00 €

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