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What is XTC?
XTC is the group of people who look beyond the canned answers in software development. We see "solutions" as a limiting goal. We are the people who are always questioning the established wisdom.

We have now moved back to a monthly in-person meetup, where we discuss topics ranging from Extreme Programming (XP), agile management methods, lean theory, career management, programming katas, or anything even tangentially related to software. Software newbies, practitioners, and experts are all welcome!
Things usually start around 6pm but there are often a few of us around before that.

Round Table Format
The discussions will be decided at the event.
We first have topic proposals from everyone.
Everyone then votes - the facilitator will then help form discussion groups based on those votes (we may have two topics being discussed at the same time, by different groups).

Code of Conduct
Please review the XTC Code of Conduct

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