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Topic: TBD The topic has not yet been decided for this meetup. The topic of this meetup will be decided in the previous meetup by a vote of the people attending. If you'd like to facilitate a discussion on a particular topic, come along to the previous XTC (2 weeks before) and propose your topic. If your topic proposal wins the vote, this description will be updated. About XTC The eXtreme Tuesday Club (XTC) is London's oldest agile meetup, and has been meeting since 1999. Initially the meetup was focused on discussing Extreme Programming (XP), but it has expanded to include anything XP, agile, lean, or the larger context in which we do software development activities. We welcome all software development newbies, practitioners, and experts to discuss topics of interest over drinks. Follow @extremetuesday (https://twitter.com/extremetuesday) on Twitter for announcements and updates, or use the hashtag #XTCLondon (https://twitter.com/hashtag/XTCLondon) to find and share insights.

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28 Farringdon Lane · London

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What is XTC?

XTC is the group of people who look beyond the canned answers in software development. We see "solutions" as a limiting goal. We are the people who are always questioning the established wisdom.

We have a regular London meetup (fortnightly), where we discuss topics ranging from Extreme Programming (XP), agile management methods, lean theory, career management, programming katas, or anything even tangentially related to software. Software newbies, practitioners, and experts are all welcome!

Things usually start around 7pm but there are often a few of us around before that.

Topic Selection

The topic of the next meetup is decided at the previous meetup. At some time during the meetup, an organiser will ask people to propose topics. After all the proposals have been collated, attendees will then vote on the proposals. The proposal with the most votes will become the topic of the next meetup, and the person who proposed the topic is expected to help run the session.

That is, to influence the topic of discussion, turn up! Of course, you're free to turn up and talk about anything you want, no one will stop you!

Code of Conduct

Please review the XTC Code of Conduct (https://github.com/extremetuesday/xtc-planning/wiki/XTC-Code-of-Conduct)

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