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Wisdom & Power
The Wisdom to Accept & the Power to Change knowing when to let go and accept and when to step up and take action In the stream of life events, small and big, how do we know when to lean back into our wise self, breathing, reflecting inwardly, and practicing radical acceptance; And when do we plug into our power, buckle up and step out to influence, affect and be an active agent of change. In this weekend workshop, we will dance, explore and practice some of the wise and powerful Core Movement Resources of Open Floor Movement Practice, in order to develop our innercompass so that we can make the right choices for us, time and time again, and be able to embody both our wisdom and our power. Workshop will be led by Rivi Diamond. Rivi Diamond is a Founding Member of Open Floor International. She is an expereinced Dance/Movement Therapist M.A., a certified Five Rhythms teacher and a group facilitator. She is also trained in Hakomi Psychotherapy and holds a B.A. in Theater. Rivi holds weekly classes, on-going groups and workshops and teaches movement & dance to University acting students. For more details about her work and background: www.body-soul-dance.com This workshop is open to all. There are no steps to learn, no way to do it wrong. Anyone is free to drop in, and newcomers are warmly welcomed. Bring your curiosity and desire to move your body. IMPORTANT! In order to save your place you need to REGISTER here: http://bit.ly/wisdompower

Eden Studios Berlin

Breite Strasse 43, 13187 · Berlin

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Worum es bei uns geht

"The human race is dying. It is like a great uprooted tree, with its roots in the air. We must plant ourselves again in the Universe" D.H. Lawrence

The good news is ... we can replant our-self in our body and reconnect with the Earth.

The aim of this meetup is to build a community with interest of implementing the EMBODIMENT and MINDFULNESS into our society and into our daily life.

We are determined to help the split between what feels good to us and how we live our lives, the split between life and work, the split between the body, mind and soul.

We organize meetings to teach about resources which are available for each of us to be more present and more awake. To increase the sense of happiness and full self-expression.

Also occasionally we organize meetups with influencers to learn about embodiment from different perspectives ... from artists, therapist, scientists, shamans and healers. If you're one of them let us know!

These are times - all around the globe - that demand of us to be awake, available and responsive.
We invite you and your friends working and living in the Berlin to join MORE EMBODIED LIFE!

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