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Gabi and Alex are people boosters, and they accompany people in their self-discovery journey, and they raise awareness in the field of leadership. Gabi is an educator, and she started to be passionate about human potential when she was in middle school, and she supported her peers in unlocking their possibilities. Alex talks the whole day with the computer, and he realised that this is not enough in delivering successful projects. Working as a team, connecting and influencing the people around him became his key to success.
In our sessions, we discuss how we can build the bridge between what we know and what we do by modelling our own excellence and the excellence in others. There are different leadership styles; it's not that one is better than another. Some styles are not appropriate to some situations. It is important to know when it is appropriate and when do we need to be flexible enough to do things differently.

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Finding the Pattern to Connect

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Toastmasters Division A Conference English/German

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ECFC 07 - Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

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The Leadership Game

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