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Consultation & Zen Dialog
During consultation we reexamine living and dying from heart to heart. The dialogue takes place in a formal setting. Don't hesitate to ask questions you normally don't dare asking. For more information... (http://zen-temple.net/zen-temples/eremita-zen-temple/consultation/) Auf deutsch... (http://zen-temple.net/de/zen-tempel/eremita-zen-tempel/sprechstunde/)

Eremita Zen Tempel

Etzelstrasse 38 · Einsiedeln

Worum es bei uns geht

The basis of Eremita Zen Hermitage is the selfrealization of this “true man without rank.” This self-realization is the essence of all the Wise One’s teaching, and has been passed from generation to generation in Zen, like “water poured from one container to the next.” This is based on Zen’s view that truth lies not in words recorded in written texts and scriptures, but in the Mind inherent in all beings.
A special transmission outside the scriptures, not relying on words and letters.
Direct pointing to the human mind. Seeing ones true nature and attaining enligthenment.


Eremita Zen Haus, Etzelstrasse 38, 8840 Einsiedeln, SwitzerlandPhone: +41 (0)78 408 10 89 (https://www.google.ch/maps/dir/)

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