Worum es bei uns geht

Are you feeling out of balance because you can’t say no and end up trying to please everyone? All the while, you’re hard on yourself, don't feel good enough as you compare yourself to others and try to control even more with the worry of what others think about you?

I get it. It would feel so good to finally let go, flow with life, have time for yourself, finish that project you always wanted to, stop caring about external expectations and love yourself first before helping, serving and giving to others. Mhmmmm Sinking into the feeling of being appreciated, confident, alive, sensual, comfortable in your skin...


I am Natasha Koo, the Tribe Leader of the Feminine Space. I host and lead the most loving, supportive and nurturing online community for women because it is time that we start living for ourselves. As an ex-people pleaser, perfectionist and conflict-avoider, I learned that unless I start taking responsibility for myself, my life and powers, my dreams would never come true. I would go to sleep dissatisfied with what I am living for and how I treat myself.

I empower woman to be comfortable living their authentic self, ignite their natural power and lift both their dreams and other sisters up.

Because we are worth it.

We are sacred.

I believe that every single one of us can be happy, fulfilled, confident, sensual, powerful and in flow, the moment we decide to stop being someone who we are not. I am the Tribe Leader of Feminine Space so we can stand up for our deepest desires, speak and live our truth without shame or guilt and fully embody our feminine essence.

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Imagine when you:

Feel worthy, 'enough' and self-love,Let go of fears, worries and self-sabotage,Connect to your heart, purpose and true desires,Trust your body, intuition and your instincts,Overcome feelings of shame and guilt,Love who you are (past, present and future),Feel safe, supported, loved, nurtured, empowered and lifted up by a sisterhood.

That’s exactly what I’ll help you with.

No, I do not teach anything.

Everything you need is already inside of you.

You don’t need to know another theory, philosophy, trick, guru-quantum healing tool… You already know how. That’s why I’m here beside you, guiding you as you walk your path along with the many other courageous women together.

You can do this.

I believe in you. But it requires action from you to live your truth.



Here is my gift to you, where you can begin your self-love path right now! I will guide you through exercises, meditations, worksheets so you can experience and practice self-love for 21 days. And the best thing of all? You have the support, love and collective strength of the women in the community. Do it darling and go for it now because the only person stopping you is you. Let’s get started and say YES to Me right now. Just click on your pretty invite above.

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Exploring the Power of Now: Through Conversation, Meditation & Yoga
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My boyfriend's Praxis

35,00 €

You probably know that wonderful peaceful, relaxing, centered feeling after yoga. But did it disappear the moment you commuted back home and all thoughts and ‘real life’ came crashing back in again? I’m sure we would all like to keep that state of mind which we learn and gain from yoga into our daily lives. And this is what this 2.5hour exploration will do: maximizing, integrating and experiencing such benefits so that super-state is your constant state! The group exploration will begin with tea and conversation about yoga and the special topic of this session: being in ‘now’. Mantra meditation and chanting will build energy and lead you into a heightened level of concentration and awareness. Yoga will get the heart pumping and release any mental and physical knots, followed by a challenging silent meditation. The exploration will end with a relaxing guided visualization where all the learning can be integrated. The exploration takes a very well-rounded approach and serves as a mini-retreat. A group of four, including myself, will sustain a good group dynamic so I will only schedule this session when we reach that number. Please your own yoga mat and I will provide the rest. 35CHF donation is recommended and it includes tea, teaching and the space rental costs. If you have special topics you would like to suggest, please just write me!

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