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Whoop whoop - a warm welcome to the Flutter School meetup!

We are a bunch of mixed people from different backgrounds (Designers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, ...) who love talking about new technologies and how to build a great digital product. You will not only find talks about Flutter itself but also about backend technologies, design, user experience and much, much more.

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#BackToSchool - Intro to Flutter and Google I/O Recap

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Thank god we're #BackToSchool 🎒

We're proud to announce that, after some silence during the pandemic, we're back on track and ready to meetup again!

So if you're just getting started or are a senior in our school, this event is for you! We'll begin with a short intro to Flutter and its ecosystem followed by a chat about the fresh Flutter updates from this year's Google I/O by our very own Google Developer Expert Pascal Welsch.

Drinks and some snacks will be served as well 🍕 We're super excited to host this meetup again and looking forward to seeing all the old and new faces!

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"What's new in Flutter Design Engineering?" with Will Larche from Google

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