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Über uns

The Frankfurt Fast Data Meetup group, is designed for folks from the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region interested in data streaming.

We are enthusiastic about data streaming technologies, like Apache Kafka, Redpanda, Apache Pulsar, Apache Flink, Debezium, ksqlDB, DataCater [insert_exciting_data_streaming_project_here], and others, and want to improve their adoption.

Our group members are data engineers, data scientists, software engineers, and anyone interested in data streaming.

If you know a topic that you would like to speak about or if you want to host one of our in-person meetups, please don't hesitate to contact Olivier (olivier@datacater.io) or Stefan (stefan@datacater.io).

We especially welcome first-time speakers and can help in preparing and rehearsing your talk.

We aim to meet in person every two months.