GAME OVER: Cyber attacks in the gaming industry

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The gaming industry is a multibillion dollar business that grows every year. This also attracts bad guys who want to join the game and get a piece of the cake. In our first Meetup in 2019, we will hear about easily bookable DDOS attack services that are used to get advantages in online games, a short overview of the popular OWASP security standard and we will gain insights into advanced persistent threats in the gaming industry.


17:30 - Doors open

18:00 - OWASP and IT Security at Gameforge - Ryan Schulze (Gameforge)

18:45 - Break

19:00 - How DDoS became a meta game in ARK Survival and how we've mitigated it - André Becker (Nitrado)

19:30 - APT's in the gaming industry - Christian Funk (Kaspersky)

20:15 - Pizza, Beer & Networking

Our speakers are:

Ryan Schulze - Head of Systems Administration Linux at Gameforge

20 years of experience in Linux and network environments, and 10 of those in the gaming industry provided a lot of insight into the good and the bad sides of running applications on the internet. He is an OWASP member with the goal to help raise awareness for software security topics and make access to security knowledge and tools more available.

André Becker - Head of Development at Nitrado / Marbis GmbH

Nitrado is a world-leading game server and application hosting provider. They are providing the infrastructure and expertise that turns great games into amazing multiplayer experiences. Their services encompass the provision of infrastructure in several data centers all across the globe and extensive network engineering and DDoS protection expertise.

Christian Funk - Head of Global Research and Analysis Team Germany at Kaspersky Lab

Christian joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 and joined the Global Research and Analysis team the following year as a Malware Analyst. In 2014 he was promoted to head of GReAT, DACH, and since then he is leading the German department of the Global Research and Analysis Team. Christian is specialized in malware trends, mobile threats and IoT devices, where he researches vulnerabilities and privacy issues. He is also focused on threats related to the gaming industry.