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"Improvise in an intercultural setting!" This group is for those who are interested in improvisation and  improv theater. No previous knowledge is required, just join and have fun!

Skills that improv is all about: Making your partner look good, accepting and building on others' ideas, playfulness, listening, flexibility/ spontaneity, focus on the here and now, taking risks, being aware/ mindful, and balancing freedom vs structure.

The good news: everyone can do this, you do not need to be particularly brave, spontaneous or creative :-) But there are a lot of techniques and concepts behind improv. And - as life does not have a script either - improv skills help in day to day life, too. Improv games are great for improving language skills, too.

The typical choreography of our sessions: joint potluck meal during the first 45-50 min, some people arrive late, then about 90 min of improv exercises, games and a bit of theory and reflection, with a break in between. We try to make everyone feel safe and welcome while experimenting and learning together - and everything is optional. We usually practice in English, but might switch to German if everyone is fine with it.

One main idea behind this group is to foster intercultural connection in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere. The Global Improv group is also linked to the SAWA initiative (applied improv/ peace work including refugees and others). And you might learn some new, helpful facilitation methods.

We look forward to meeting you at one of the events! :-) Please reach out if you have any questions.