JavaScript Meetup

Öffentliche Gruppe

Wunder Mobility

Hongkongstraße 2-4 · Hamburg

Wie du uns findest

Please use Wunder Mobility's main entrance next to the water, not the ones at the street side of the building.

Bild des Veranstaltungsortes


🦄 Let us meet again and learn about JavaScript! This is what we have scheduled:

18:30h doors open
19:00h intro
19:15h first talk: Introduction to JSON-LD by Angelo Veltens (@angelo-v)
20:00h readme roulette (

🚀 We are still looking for talks! Please add your ideas to our proposals repo:

⚡️ For this event we are still looking for lightning talks - if you would like to present something short and sweet, please add an issue to our proposals repo:

💡 In any case, please check out our info for speakers:

🌈 We welcome everyone willing to submit a talk. If you have never spoken publicly before we would still love to have you - and if you need support or feedback, just let us know.