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Joachim Breitner: "Lock-step simulation is child's play"

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Joachim Breitner is giving a talk about his work on implementing networked multiplayer games in Haskell:

"When implementing a multi-player network game, programmers often choose to implement “lock step simulation with client prediction”, where each client independently calculates the global state of the game, and integrate the other player’s actions as soon as he learns about them, rewinding the state to when the action actually happened. This approach to networking is infamously hard to get right and in general requires great discipline from the game programmer to avoid the clients getting out of sync.

Not so with strongly typed pure functional programming

On the programming learning platform CodeWorld, even middle school create multi-player games, without having spend a single thought on these issues, and no matter what code they write, they end up with a working networked game.

In this talk I will explain the interface that CodeWorld provides for this purpose, and show how it pulls this off under the hood."


The building is right across the street from the Sunnyvale Caltrain station.

We will have someone in the lobby to let you in until about 7:00. After, 7:00 please leave a comment here, or text 408-755-5645 and we can send someone to let you in.

Please note that there is free 3hr street and garage available parking near the building. However, you can NOT park where there are gates and/or ticket machines controlling access to the garages.

If you park in the garage (or walk through the garage), you can take the garage elevator to the 1st floor of building 100 and then take the building elevators to the 2nd floor. (The garage elevators will be open late, you can also get into the building this way if you can't get a hold of one of us.)

100 Mathilda PL #200 · Sunnyvale, CA