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Über uns

In a single weekend you can discover more about yourself than you could in years. It’s the benefit of being in an amplified field together with a tribe of courageous, loving and open Hearts.

## What Is Heart iQ?

## Why does it matter?

"Heart iQ's mission is to offer men, women and couples a healthy imprint for being fully conscious, compassionate & connected with themselves and to others. Through a process of experiential and embodied practice, participants are lovingly and expertly guided to meet and embrace all aspects of themselves, together with others in community and tribe. By doing this important work, we put an end to the passing down of toxic pain and dysfunction from one generation to the next, so that our children can help shape a better world."

##### The Heart iQ Circle Protocol

In the Heart iQ Experience, you will be trained in a basic structure around how to be in circle, how to open up the space and guide shares, as well as how to share impact and 'medicine' and close the circle properly.
Learning to facilitate basic structure is a key element in Heart iQ as circles derail very quickly without leadership. Leadership in a circle is provided by different members in the group who have clarity on what’s moving in the moment.

## "The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Children is to Become a Fully Healthy You."

Your personal healing journey has led you here for a reason. You are ready to share your joy and your pain with other courageous loving and open hearts. You are ready to go deep, together.


### Your Host: Christian Pankhurst

Founder of the Heart iQ Method and author of 'Insights To Intimacy: Why Relationships Fail & How to Make Them Work'. More about the work: www.heartiq.com