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The Long and Short of It - English Improv
"The Long and Short of It" is an English Improv show combining comedy, competition, and complete absurdity. Every other Tuesday @ Radler's in Kreuzbeg Doors open at 19:00 Free Entry! Wanna see Henri & Blake in action? Now's your chance! Hosted by Skeleton Brains, the winners of the 2018 August Offensive Improv Competition, (https://www.facebook.com/skeletonbrains/) and a Rotating Special Guest Improv Team. The food and drink menus have everything a body and spirit need, so come hungry, come thirsty, and get ready to bust your britches laughing. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1st Half - Short Form Death Match - 45 minutes ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Two improv teams battle it out through hilarious improv games, vying for the audience's applause to rack up points. A designated Referee makes sure there's no hitting below the belt, as the teams compete using audience suggestions to get the most laughs. Two teams Enter. One Team Leaves. You decide their fate. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2nd Half - Long Form Showcase - 45 minutes ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Time for the Audience to just sit back, relax, and have a laugh. Two Improv Teams will each perform a 20 minute set sure to tickle the funny bone right out of you!


Wiener Straße 31 · Berlin

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Curious about improv? Already in love with it? Not sure what you think about it?

All good reasons to come improvise with us.

We're bringing Berlin together, one improv scene at a time!

We’re crazy about improv comedy, and we want you to be, as well 🙃

Join us for hilarious improv games and exercises, as well as some post-meetup beers and chuckles!

Together we’ll connect, learn, grow, and laugh. A lot.

This group is open to all experience levels, beginners to professionals. The only pre-requisite is a burning desire to meet new people, and a willingness to have fun and be silly together!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/henriandblake/) & Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/henriandblake/) to keep up to date with all our shenanigans, and we'll see you at the meetup!


When we're not busy running this Meetup, we help companies build stronger teams through improv.

We want to ensure that working together is always a joyful, positive, and productive experience by empowering people with the Improv Mindset.

Henri & Blake (http://www.henriandblake.com) build stronger teams with Improv-Based Team-Building Events and Trainings. Check out our website (http://www.henriandblake.com) to find out how our tailored workshops will empower your team to work better and succeed together in a constantly changing environment.

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