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The title says already a lot! Do you want to practice your Italian? Fancy a drink while trying to build up a German sentence? Don't speak German but want to get together with Italians and Germans? Let's catch up somewhere in Berlin! Hopefully some of us will improve their German, some others their Italian! Beginners are especially welcome! English comes in help, no worries! Find your language tandem, or just enjoy a casual conversation over a glass of wine or beer. Newcomers will get to know cool tips about Berlin, and locals will update their chart of favorite Berliner bars. Summer is already here and soon will come picnics, and other open air events! Common ground: learning while having fun!

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Aperitivo Tandem Night ONLINE


Dear beloved pasta lovers, There is a winter ahead full of uncertainties, with November already in lockdown, and less and less outdoor activities (and sunlight). We have therefore decided to get back organizing our events, online, to offer you a safe space to socialize, and exchange ideas. This very first online appointment of Italian German Tandem aims to let you meet your ideal "Covid Tandempartner". We'll group you by language knowledge level, so that you'll be able to experience an even exchange. The groups will be small, and you will be able to chat only with people around you in the virtual space to avoid confusion. The goal is to make you find the right person to have a conversation with, even later on! Worry not! To guide you through this new experience there will be also our new organizer Carla the energy, whom we'll have the pleasure to introduce to you! Please join us online on Wednesday the 4th of November 2020, form 19:00 till 21:00 to have a chat! You will only need a recent browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Brave, o Firefox) open preferably from your computer. You won't need any other additional software, you will only need to browse to a website: we'll publish its link at the right time. Get ready with your favourite tea, beer, glass of wine, a Spritz, to share over a chat! We'll be waiting for you!

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IGT and Berlino Italia Improv: ImproPark Tandem 2 // Park

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