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A no-presentations-meetup, focusing on JavaScript the language, only. https://codeberg.org/wolframkriesing/jslang-meetups contains all tests that we write every evening we meet. No frameworks, libraries or alike, just JavaScript, just the language.

Every meetup will be hands on and deep dive into the language. Bring your laptop and be ready for getting your hands dirty with JavaScript. Learn, share, practice and teach.

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NOTE: This meetup will be online+onsite=hybrid!

🚨 Onsite Location please get in contact 🚨

This meetup is held ONLINE (video conference URL [will be here] ).
During the last two years it had worked great online. To not loose the people who keep joining online, we will try a mix of both.

🖥️ 19:00 meet in Google Meet, wait for people to join
See last month's agenda for how we run the meetup.
The meetup will be very hands on, no presentations - just talking, thinking, coding and generating.
🥤 ~21:00 we stop coding/learning, start networking

We will analyze the features in depth, discuss and code. This topic is also perfect to dive deep into the spec. So we can figure out where things are defined and try to understand from the spec and our tests how they work.

Find the code here https://codeberg.org/wolframkriesing/jslang-meetups

The event will be fully in english.

RSVP will open a couple days before the event (to prevent too many subscribers that then forget to come).

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