Natural Language Understanding using AI

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We will start with an initial talk about how Natural Language Understanding (NLU) works using Artificial Intelligence by Matthias Nannt.

Using natural language to interact with a computer is a current trend and definitely a future technology that is much more natural than using mouse, keyboard or even touchscreens. From Chatbots to Siri and Alexa, understanding what the user wants is the first and most important part. With new developments in Machine Learning and more data available NLU systems see huge improvements in the last years. Matthias is the founder of chatShopper and for the last 4 years he has been building Chatbots, Alexa Skills and also own NLU systems. He will show us how the basics of NLU systems work and what tools we can use to easily build our own NLU for our next project.

After the talk, we are looking forward to have an open discussion about the topic, possible projects we could do together and also get to know each other better.

The talk will be in English language, the discussion will be in German and English.

As always in the starterkitchen there will be drinks available to buy and time for networking afterwards.