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Korean-German meetup (한국어-독일어 모임)
Let's meet again to practice Korean and German! The first hour we will focus on German and the second on Korean. Depending on how many people come and with what levels we also may split into groups. This meetup is open to any kind of language level. So no matter if you are beginner or experienced feel free to join us! During the meetup we will usually look at some words, that will be posted in the comments below. If you have any other ideas about what we can do, feel free to suggest them in the comments or in the next meetup. See you soon!

Migros Restaurant

Löwenstrasse 31-35 · Zürich

Worum es bei uns geht

Hello! This is a group for learning and practicing languages. We have free of charge meetups as well as paid ones.

Here are approximate types of meetups we’ll have:

-Free of charge language meetups and language exchange meetups. They are free but I encourage members to help by also bringing topics and materials to the meetups or buying a drink to an organizer. Event organizers also help me to pay yearly meetup fees.

-Paid study or conversation meetups where an organizer is learning the language and prepares materials for everyone to work on and leads the session according to the material. The cost can be about 5-10chf per person per session.

-Language classes or activities organized by native speakers. The cost can be about 15-25 chf per person per session.

To organize paid meetups you need to be able to work in Switzerland and take care of taxation of your incomes through my group. If you do a paid meetup or just want to contribute to my efforts and payments for the group you can send me small amount once a year. I pay around 60$ a year and it takes time to manage the group.

I encourage you to suggest language meetups and organize them. Write me an e-mail with your suggestion of a meetup for a language of your choice and let me know if you want to organize it. I will give you an Event organizer role or look for someone who wants to organize it. That can be also any cultural event, dinner or anything what helps you to learn about country of the language or speak more in it.

If you have any questions about hosting of meetups let me know.

Let's do it!

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