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LuxembourgJS is Luxembourg's JavaScript User Group. We organize monthly meetups that takes place at changing locations (Amazon Offices, Technoport, theImpactory,... just to mention a few). This group is aimed at people that have an interest in JavaScript and Web technologies, either professionally or simply just for fun. For a meetup usually there is one or two presentations of about 30-45min. We also accept lightning talks (5-10min) and then we conclude each event with a networking session.

We regularly put the presentations from our meetups on our website:

https://luxembourgjs.com/#slides (https://luxembourgjs.github.io/#slides)

If you want to participate, please respect our Code of Conduct:

https://luxembourgjs.com/#codeofconduct (https://luxembourgjs.github.io/#codeofconduct)

Join our Gitter community here: https://gitter.im/js-luxembourg/

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LuxembourgJS Meetup - July 2020


# Github Actions: CI, CD, housekeeping, personal assistant and your barista By: Thibault Milan https://thibaultmilan.com https://twitter.com/thibaultmilan Github actions are the integrated way of doing CI/CD and automate anything related to your code repository on Github. From closing those 2 years old bug reports, pinging people on their PR when they are missing something (testing maybe?) to build and deploy your code into your cloud infra, let’s see some possibilities of Actions on Github. This is the URL to join our event: https://live.luxembourgjs.com/b/adm-7am-efn

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LuxembourgJS Meetup - June 2020


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