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We regularly meet in cafes in Berlin for breakfasts or after-works to discuss business strategies and concepts. Everyone participating is expected to be active, both in bringing in discussion topics and give feedback to others.
(This is our second local group after Business Strategy Discussions in Vienna)
This is a group for entrepreneurs starting or growing a business, or people who work in business development or marketing.
I‘m a strong believer that sharing is the key to success, and the knowledge lies in everyone of us.
This meetup is trying to be a small meetup with 5-10 participants, so we can truly get to know each other.

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Digital Marketing over Breakfast Berlin #61

betahaus | Café


Suchst du einen Ort, wo du digitale Marketing Strategien diskutieren kannst? Ideen für das Wachstum deines Unternehmens?

Wir bei Digital Ideas sind überzeugt, dass das Teilen von Wissen der Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist. Daher bieten wir einen Ort, an dem mit Gleichgesinnten ein Ideenaustausch stattfinden kann. Natürlich ist dies einfacher, wenn dabei Experten anwesend sind - das sind wir und unsere Partner.

Bitte nehmen Sie nur teil, wenn sie Erfahrungen aus Ihrem Unternehmen teilen möchten, und Ideen zum Wachstum erhalten möchten. Falls Sie sich in einem Einzelgespräch wohler fühlen, kontaktieren Sie Matteo Savio bitte direkt.

Ihr Host: Matteo Savio (Digital Ideas): Leidenschaftlicher Growth Hacker, mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfarhung in der Umsetzung datengetriebene Marketing-Prozesse.


Are you looking for a place to share and learn digital marketing strategies? A place to get new ideas to grow your business?

We at Digital Ideas believe, that sharing knowledge is the key to success. Therefore we create a place, where you can discuss ideas with like-minded people. Of course this is easier, when experts are present - that's what we and our partners offer.

Please only participate if you are willing to share experiences from your business and receive growth-ideas back. If you want to discuss strategies in a one-to-one setting feel free to contact Matteo or Emile for a free consulting hour.

Your host: Matteo Savio (Digital Ideas): Passionate growth hacker with more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of data-driven marketing processes.

This event is for you, if you:

  • have a business, that's (solely or partly) digital and want to grow it
  • transferring your business into the digital world
  • an expert in a related field and want to gain experience or share knowledge

This event is not for you, if you:

  • have not a working business yet
  • if you just want to do a sales pitch. This is a place for sharing, not selling.

See you there!

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Digital Marketing over Breakfast Berlin #60

betahaus | Café

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