Worum es bei uns geht

Are you an entrepreneuer, startup founder or Angel Investor tired by the boring Zurich business scene of suits and stifled creativity?

Startups and tech founders need engagement with exciting, worldchanging individuals uplevel their inner circle, create and share ideas and build bigger and better businesses.

And Zurich isn't exactly San Francisco...

But the talent is here. Let's start a startup meetup . Let's get the best and brightest grabbing coffee, discussing business, building partnerships and friendships and redefine Zurich not as a city of bankers and insurance brokers but of innovative tech founders.

Don't know how this will go, but I for one need more awesome entrepreneurs around me. Building a business is a lonely and hard path, let's push it together and probably have some fun in the process.

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Cafe Auer, Impact Hub Zürich

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