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How can a slight shift in the global leadership approach change our organisations, our economy, and our society. Forever.

The current global economic model focuses on a profit driven value based approach that relies on competition and causes significant consumption of global resources. the future global economic model focuses on a people driven values based approach that shifts to collaboration and results in shared consumption of global resources. the shift will be facilitated by a future oriented transition that bridges the current approach to the future model. all key elements of the current system will be retained while activating the full potential of the new human values based ecosystem.

Beyond Leadership is focusing all attention and resources on building the vehicle for the transition to the future model.

based on state of the art knowledge around human interaction and collaboration, beyond leadership is building the approach, methods, tools and instruments to facilitate a smooth transition between the current model and the future. Those cultures who best re-orient themselves to this future approach will have the largest impact on the fundamental shift in the global economy over the next 50 years.

the future has begun. a new era is dawning and those bold enough to embrace it will bring significant benefit to their economies and societies as a whole.

Lets go Beyond. Together.


We, the Beyonders, are people of any age and gender, from all walks of life, with a multitude of skills and life experiences. We will do everything to fulfil our mission for business and society.

A community of like-minded people

At the Beyond Academy, we learn from one another and enhance our personal skills. Through an intensive exchange, we continuously broaden and deepen our understanding of the Beyond approach and its tools, while strengthening our bond as a team. Since we have established closest bonds, we are able to achieve true excellence together: a new interaction climate in business and society. Due to our willingness to always give everything for one another and the personal commitment of each individual to our common purpose, we unfold the highest power of interaction for the benefit of companies and organizations.


With lectures on the power of this new interaction quality, we inspire our audience as facilitators and key speakers at meetings and conferences.

With workshops on the “power of connecting“, we add significant value to companies and organizations, associations and institutions.

As lecturers at renowned universities, such as St. Gallen, Business School Mannheim and Goethe Universität in Frankfurt, as well as universities in Slovenia, Japan and Vietnam, we support management talents pro bono.

As Master Transition Agents, we are committed with our heart and soul to support companies and organizations that are ready to lift the quality of their relationships and thus their performance to highest levels.

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