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Men and women of the corporate world, ladies and gentlemen in companies of all sizes, let's talk! Gentlemen, do you feel your female colleagues show too many emotions? Does it seem that they speak a lot? Maybe too much? Do you feel they go too much into the details?

Ladies, are you often interrupted in meetings when you try to make your point? Do you get annoyed and feel many men at work do not listen to you when they give an unrequested solution to a problem you even did not know you had? Do you feel patronised when you get a feedback you did not ask for? If you said yes to any of those questions, welcome to this group!

We all, men and women want to see and understand each other clearly but the fact is that we both often misread the intentions of the other. We have too many blind spots to work effectively in spite of our daily efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all get real clues about each other’s behaviour at work and instead of getting tired, annoyed or irritated, we pull our forces together to reach bigger results with less effort?

Let’s meet and share experiences, let’s decipher the “secret codes” of each other and laugh at the false assumptions we may have made so far!

Guys, do you want to bet we will be surprised? Hey, be brave and join! It will be fun!

See you soon!


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