Vergangene Events Berlin #2.2 Let the AI Evolution Begin !

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We are back !!

After a short hiatus, is back in Berlin to continue doing what we think we do reasonably well most days: Have our Data&Drinks Event series. Hopefully, we will see a mix of past guest and some newcomers. For those that are new to the scene, here is what you will need to know:

This series takes place at the first Wednesday of the month and entail a mix of networking and entertainment, with pretzels/drinks and fellow minded friends as well hands-on, real-life examples of Data Science and Machine Learning in action. We will be bringing together top-class experts and speakers to approach the grand topic of AI from different perspectives and fields. Expect 3 to 4 talks, with different degrees of complexity

With International Women's Day right around the corner, and being very aware that our industry often doesn’t have the best track record in diversity, we decided to take this opportunity to host a formidable group of female speakers.

Speakers for the Night

Justina Petraityte is the Developer advocate for conversational AI at Rasa. Her talk will be about an introduction to the open source Rasa Stack and will challenge the usual approach of chatbot development by introducing a machine learning based methods for dialogue management.

Kristina Georgieva is a Senior data scientist at BCG digital ventures, computational archaeology fanatic, poet and artist. Her talk this evening will be about evolving neural networks using evolutionary algorithms with some genetic algorithm in the examples.

Emily is a Senior Data Scientist and Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks and will be providing us with "still under wraps" Talk. Her talk will explore what "versioning" means, and will explore four independent axes on which a notion of version can be defined for a data-driven production system, there will also be real-world practical examples.


6:30- Doors Open

7:00- Going beyond FAQ assistants with machine learning and open source Rasa Stack by Justina Pretraityte

7:25- Let evolution do the guessing by Kristina Georgieva

7:50- Data Versioning- by Emily G.

8:15- Closing and Community Announcements

8:30- Networking

9:30- Doors close ( unless we are lucky and Alma lets it go a bit longer)


Finally a big “Thank You” for ThoughtWorks for putting up with us and sponsoring a "Second Season".

If you are interested in talking to the team, cooperating or partnering you can reach Nicholas Borsotto, Brandon Beckett or Travis Scott through Linkedin."