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Dear friends, I am super excited to invite you to my Mindset & Meditation Course starting next week. [Donation based] Since I was a child I contemplated on deep questions like: Who am I? What is consciousness? What is life about? Nowadays in our fast-paced society we take little time to really ponder on the most important questions of life. This leads to a disconnect from our authentic self. We tend to get stuck in our heads and forget the beauty and magnificance, which is present in every moment. It's time to slow down again and focus on what truely matters. Together we will work on: -opening the heart -increasing self-awareness & emotional intelligence -expanding our consciousness -concentration and self-discipline -letting go of limiting beliefs -reprogramming the mind -gratitude and acceptance We will use different techniques like: affirmations, visualization, meditation etc. in order to reach these objectives. This sounds like a lot, right? Nevertheless, we won't rush through this. This journey is to be enjoyed, so just come with a curious mind, an open heart and a lot of questions. Thanks to the Happy Pigeons Co-Working community we have a room to our disposal in Prenzlauer Berg. I am so happy to see everybody there next Tuesday. Love, Julia PS.: You can bring your meditation cushion. For more infromation go to https://www.mindsetarchitect.org/

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Dear friends,

thank you for taking the time to browse through this site. In case you are looking for inspiring and ambitious people, we're a match!

Together we will create fun events with the intent of working on our mindset, achieve our goals and explore our consciousness. I would really like to see many people encourage each other on their life's journey.

If you feel like that's something, that you could benefit from, just join the group events and connect with us!



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