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We are sharing expertise and best practices on getting the most out of most popular cloud platforms and solutions - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Connect with other software and operations engineers in Israel to share ideas and best practices on building scalable, resilient, and effective infrastructure for your product!

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Less Servers, Less Stress: Showcasing Google Cloud Serverless Technologies

Registration: https://bit.ly/3EXaIQw

Led by DoiT International Staff Cloud Architect, Yuval Drori Retvizer, this webinar will showcase Google Cloud serverless technologies through the example of a photo-sharing application. This practical walkthrough will help you contextualize serverless solutions and, ultimately, reduce the amount of stress and problems that only serverless solutions can resolve.

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Spend an hour with us as we take a deep dive into the world of serverless solutions, exploring the related Google Cloud technologies including Cloud Functions, App Engine, and Cloud Run. To showcase and better contextualize these Google Cloud solutions, our DoiT engineer will walk through a picture-sharing application that utilizes functions-, applications-, and containers-as-a-service.

This digital event is an excellent opportunity to connect with leadership from DoiT International and Google Cloud while deepening your serverless solutions knowledge.

Reasons to Register:
-Expand your knowledge of serverless computing within Google Cloud
-Engage with DoiT and Google leadership within a learning environment

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Registration: https://bit.ly/3EXaIQw

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