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• Talks about Haskell
• Food and drink
• Everything’s free, everyone’s welcome

The Munich Haskell Usergroup (μHUG), is a meetup about Haskell, the purely functional programming language.

Although the meetup is primarily about Haskell, we also welcome contributions about other programming languages, be it direcly influenced by Haskell (Elm, Purescript, Agda, Idris,…) or ones supporting purely functional programming (Lisps, Scala, …).

If you want to explain some concept (How does IO work? What’s a lens? How does type inference work?), if you built something cool with Haskell (Automated your hamster feeder?), if you learned a cool library (Streaming with Pipes, reactive programming with Banana) – come give a talk! Talks should be between 5 and 60 minutes, hopefully filled with lots of discussion before, during, and after the presentation. Talks are meant to cover the entire audience, so that none of beginners, enthusiasts or experts don’t leave empty-umm…-headed.

Please sign up or otherwise let us know you’re coming so we have enough food for everyone!

Thanks to everyone who hosted us in the past, including TNG Technology Consulting, innoQ and HolidayCheck!

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