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Let's talk and code at the 31th session of softwerkskammer Munich

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Hi folks,

our June session at Code Centric is scheduled for the 18th of June . Getting tired from Katas and exercising :-) you have chosen to talk with David Völkel ( about Unit and Integration tests.

"Unit and integration test fan boys have been fighting against each other since the early days of TDD. Nevertheless in the last years the test pyramid has become the common sense strategy for automated tests synthesizing both approaches in an economic ratio. Unfortunately in practice the vague and abstract concept leaves us alone with a lot of remaining questions.

I will start the session introducing the test pyramid strategy and the strengths and weaknesses of the different kinds of tests followed by implementation approaches valuable for real life. Then we will split up into small groups and discuss there what in our current projects works well for us and work together on how we can approach remaining challenges. In the end we will come together again and exchange our solutions in the full audience."


• JB Rainsberger: "Integrated tests are a scam"

• James Coplien: "Why Most Unit Testing is Waste"

• Martin Fowler: "Test Pyramid"

• David Völkel: "Integration Test Hell" [GER]

See you!