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Fist off, most of the Nerds with Careers community RSVP's & stays in touch on the Facebook page, click here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/nerdswithcareers/) to join.

Nerds With Careers is a community of local professionals, that may indulge their inner "nerd".

ARCADE NIGHT & After Hours are the two "official" events we have every month as of right now.

If you like adult beverages, networking, making friends, retro games, comics, technology, and/or anything nerdy join us! I'd love to see you at our next ARCADE NIGHT or After Hours! Check the events schedule for details!

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ARCADE NIGHT: Area 51 Raid Challenge

Engel & Volkers Bryan - College Station

ARCADE NIGHT! Special event challenge 21+ September 20th is the day of the Area 51 Raid. I assume not everyone will be attending. But some of you may still want to "see dem aliens" Come RAID AREA 51 at ARCADE NIGHT! We will have a series of challenges to complete that get you deeper into the story as you solve them. The winner will recieve an out of this world prize. The challenge will be done in sessions. So if you can't make it until a little later, thats okay! Don't forget to BYOB!!

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After Hours

Murphy's Law

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