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This is a group for anyone interested in Node.js. We will meet to talk, hack and learn with and from each other. This is an open group, everyone is invited to propose talks and hands-on ideas. We all are learners in some way, don't be shy. To give you a hint, you could talk about:

• this one library, that changed your life or just helped you out.

• how do you use Node?

• best practices in development and operations

• integration of Node.js in existing setups

• interesting hacks or benchmarks

• name your topic

The talks can be in English or German, depending on the attendees. However, English is preferred in case of conflicts. Usually, there should be 1-3 Talks plus enough time for socializing. If you know about someone who definitely should talk at our meetup, put a message and we try to make contact. Or do it yourself.

Also, we want to mix the formats, and will do open spaces, panel discussions, and other stuff.

This group is part of the web-HH community, which goal is to bring all different web-related communities together. You can join it on Slack via this self-invite link (https://t.co/WGPM368sfC) or follow it on Twitter (https://twitter.com/web_hh). Everything regarding feedback, discussions, and communication, in general, will happen there. Any other type of channels used for that before is obsolete now.

Important Note

We are trying to be an inclusive community and happily conform to the Code of Conduct. (http://confcodeofconduct.com/)

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter: @NodeHamburg (https://twitter.com/NodeHamburg)

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