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A growing body of designers, developers and other creatives are finding new analogue and digital approaches to the navigation of ever-increasing complexity. How can we share ideas? What can we learn from each other about the ups and downs, competing approaches, and evolving terminology of our field?

At these meetups we will loosely explore themes sitting in the overlap between data and design: data visualization, storytelling, information design, visual analysis, data science, infographics and more. We will exchange insights into our working practices, tools and cultures. (scrum, human-centred design, design thinking, service design and more)

Each meetup will feature two guest speakers, presenting practical reports from their projects, other cool insights and inspiration. Of course, drinks and snacks will be provided by our partners.

There are regular meetups in Switzerland, Austria and the US to boost this exchange! Find out more on www.ondataanddesign.com

Join us! Talks and other resources will be recorded and made available also offline to members.

We hope to see you soon!

darjan form Superdot (www.superdot.studio)

APPLY now as a 25min speaker!Do you have a topic in the following areas:data visualization, storytelling, information design, visual analysis, data science, infographics, service design, human centered design, design thinking, visualizing big data, open data, crowdsourcing, city development, social innovation or something you care about