Event Storming for Domain-Driven Design (workshop with Nicole Rauch )

Software Crafters Paris
Software Crafters Paris
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In Domain-Driven Design it is very important to have a good domain model. But actually nobody really explains how to build such a good model.
Here, EventStorming comes to the rescue. It is a technique with which you can explore, extend and refine your domain step-by-step - within a single day! At the same time, lots of domain knowledge gets transferred from the domain experts to the whole team and gets challenged and deepened by everybody.
During the modelling, different scenarios can be explored quickly and easily, one can compare different variations and find the best solution - even without writing a single line of code. Nonetheless, the models are close to the code and to the logic. The modelling does not take place by drawing boring UML diagrams but instead by engaging everybody at a huge modelling surface, working with post-it's.
The talk tries to give a preview of what EventStorming might look like in practice.