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Über uns

Can you imagine laughing for 3 hours straight? Join and be a part of it!

Improv is a beautiful, creative art form. It is to play without a script, to create something out of nothing through listening, discovery, and connection with our scene partners. At its best it can bring about worlds and characters who, through their authentic emotions, inspire and transform an audience.

It also gets us out of our shell. Through improv we develop confidence, overcome shyness and fear, learn to read people better, practice communication and cooperation. We become more spontaneous, more vulnerable, more connected, less defensive. We give our ego a break and inspire each other.

Oh, and we get to hang out with other crazy wonderful smiling people!
We welcome everyone, with or without experience. We tend have a few first-timers every week. Most of them even come back :P

We have an event every Wednesday and Saturday. They fill up pretty fast, so hit that Attend button. Let that be your first act of spontaneity for the week!