Hands-on training - R packages

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Our speaker:
Mira works as a Data Scientist at INWT Statistics, a data science consultancy based in Berlin-Schöneberg. Her work focuses on predictive analytics, data quality, automated reporting and best practices in coding. She’s also the coordinator of INWT's data science trainings. Mira holds masters’ degrees in statistics and psychology.

Our topic:
In her daily work, Mira develops R packages literally every day.
Mira’s talk on R packages covers everything you need to start writing your own R package: How to create a package and fill it with functions, document them properly and make sure that your package works correctly… and, of course, how you can share your package with others.

The talk mainly addresses people who have already written their own R functions, but have few or no experience with writing R packages. You are of course welcome independent of your level of experience. You’ll also have the opportunity to put all this into practice on your own computer, while Mira can help you if you run into problems.

Your preparation:
Just bring your own notebook and make sure that the R packages “devtools "roxygen2", "testthat", and "knitr” are installed.
In addition, if you use Windows, you need to install Rtools (not an R package; accessible here: https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/Rtools).