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Lets Go and Conquer Insubong!

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Ready for a thrill? Ready for the ultimate day of adrenaline and adventure?

Come and join us conquer Buckhansan’s notorious Insubong(810m) on Sat, Nov 12th.

We will take the easiest route, called Godokgil, of the many routes to climb up Insubong. This route called Godogil has easier multiptich (6 "pitches," or segments of ascent)under 5.9 (Routes range from[masked] on the face) and we will go down with two long rappels from the top of Insubong (60meters). High altitudes and topographical thrills will make this trip exciting, but requires professional climbing equipment and techniques that are inappropriate for beginners. Due to the risk of danger, beginners are advised to learn about basic use of equipment and climbing techniques first, and even experienced climbers should always beprepared for unpredictable situations.

We ask that only experienced rock climbers, who have their own climbing gear(helmet, safety belt, descender(ascender) and belay device, karabiners, quick draw, rock climbing shoes, etc.) sign-up for this trip. We must also limit the group to 5 climbers for everyone’s safety.

Please consider your ability when joining and, as always, be careful on the mountain. It should be a fantastic day!

Here are the details:

1. Name of trail: Godokgil Ridge of Insubong

2. Required time: 1 team of 4 including beginners: 5 hours/ experienced climber: 3 hours

3. Necessary equipment: 2 ropes (over 60m), medium and small spring loaded camming device, 3~4 pieces of quick draw, 3 pieces of sling

4. Degree of difficulty: Class 5.8 intermediate

5. Trail outline: Insu Ridge has long climbing distances, sweat and fresh views going up to Insubong(peak). On the right side of the rock road provides a beautiful view of Sumeunbyeok(hidden wall) and Baekwundae.

1. Where to Meet: Suyu stn on line 4, Exit # 3

2. When: November 12th, Saturday at 8:00am

3. What to bring: food (snack), plenty of water, extra warm clothes you might want to bring with you, etc.

4. Equipment per person: - Own climbing gear(helmet, safety belt, descender(ascender)

- Belay device

- Karabiners

- Quick draw

- Rock climbing shoes

- 60m rope if you have

**NOTE: Rock Climbing posses risks of personal injury and/or even death if not done properly and securely. Done properly it can be source of extreme fun and personal satisfaction.

As much as we will try to provide the safest of environments, you will need to put consciousness on you part-respect the rules and safety guidelines. Like driving, "Don't drink and climb."

-Liability limitations-

While CIK is very considerate of the needs of its members, we cannot be held responsible for a hikers possessions, health, and/or safety so we highly recommend that you have your own personal form of medical insurance prior to attending all outings.

Hope to see ya there!