Akka Streams - Basics and Practical Examples

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This time we will hear a talk about the basics of Akka Streams: When, how and why to use it. Leif Battermann and Philipp Martini will introduce you to the universe of streaming. Follow their Flow[(Words, Slides, RealWorldExamples)] through multiple stages and open up your Sink[Brain] to learn about Akka Streams.

We will cover the basics of the Akka Streams API, the benefits of back pressure, how to interact with e.g. Kafka, or extremely large XML or JSON files, and how to connect to other data sources and sinks with Alpakka.

===Targeted audience===

Beginner to Intermediate, some basic knowledge of Scala is helpful but not required


Leif Battermann is a software engineer at Hivemind Technologies AG in Cologne specialised on big data and streaming applications on cloud infrastructures. He was mind blown when he first learned about programming languages without null references or mutable state and became a functional programmer using F#, Scala, and Elm. Leif believes that “making illegal state unrepresentable” is one of the key principles for building correct and sustainable software.

Philipp Martini is a consultant at Imbalanced GmbH. He loves coding in Scala, discovering new functional concepts and can't wait for the opaque types to come in Scala. He is widely known for teasing his colleagues with extremely strict compiler settings.


Special thanks goes to sipgate for materializing this meetup.