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Why a Search Meetup?

Search is everywhere - from getting up in the morning to the breakfast table, we often search for things, not for wallets or keys. The calendar is quickly checked, a contact searched or a chat message written. In all these actions, we perform searches without being aware of them. Nowadays it is almost impossible to develop an IT solution without a search functionality. This makes search one of the most relevant topics of the future.

What and for whom?

At the "Search Meetup Frankfurt", interested people, employees, students, solution providers and enthusiasts seek an exchange on the subject of "search". We want to share our user, developer and expert experiences that we make with search. The dialogue will be inspired and supported by presentations on the experiences that engineers and researchers have gained during the development and improvement of search engines.

We are looking forward to all those who are enthusiastic about search, who want to learn something about the technical realization of search engines or who simply enjoy discussing relevant search results.

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