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SEO workshop & Meetup for Swiss companies and start-ups <br>In Sitawo, we shape your business with SEO

Welcome to Sitawo. The purpose of this group is to help businesses willing to sell their products and services in a way that is different from competitors, and more importantly, those who seek to create a strong and enduring brand in their market.

How do you attract new customers? <br>According to the exact statistics of the HubSpot site; <br>90% of searchers haven't made their mind about a brand before starting their search. <br>Where do you compete in your market? <br>Ahead or prior to your rivals? Or, have you just established your business?

Digital marketing for Swiss companies <br>There are many companies in the field of digital marketing services to large and small businesses in Switzerland. But the truth is that most of the marketing agencies waste your money, and at the end, they provide you with a few eye-catching reports; such as 100,000 views they've guaranteed, they also claim that you've had 150 clicks this month. The painful part of working with marketing agencies is that you refer to them as the owner of your own business to increase your sales, but you will be shocked with the ultimate result. Yes! Not only the marketing agencies don't increase your sales, but also they burn your budget. In this regard, I have written some complete articles, which you can read them in full on my website.

<br>What are we doing in SEO meetup? <br>In each meet-up, we deal with one of the SEO topics. We will start with the elementary level to reach an advanced level. Together, we analyze your website and online business, and after analyzing competitors, we share the best tips for your business growth.
<br> <br>What do you learn in the first meet-up? <br> <br>General Marketing vs. Online Marketing <br>Why SEO? <br>SEO introduction <br>SEO vs. SEA <br>SEO keyword research <br>Spy on your competitors <br>Attack the market <br>How to write SEO content? <br> <br>About the lecture <br>The tutor of the course, Mr. Mehrno, is a digital and SEO specialist who has more than 9 years of marketing experience in the field of Internet Marketing and gaining Google's top ranking. Mr. Mehrno's experiences and knowledge aren't only limited to online marketing, since he has owned two educational companies in Tehran from ages 18 to 24, he has also been the author of the most famous and readable articles of Iran's journals such as the Journal of Success and Creativity, furthermore he has held more than 300 radio programs. To read about his biography and extra information about our company and services, follow our website. <br> <br>As an entrepreneur, not just an SEO specialist <br>Not only we train you as an SEO specialist, but also we negotiate with you as a business owner using SEO to achieve his goals and getting real results .ultimately, we give you the best solutions by securing the best results.