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Über uns

Hey guys!

I am super excited to have opened the meetup group "Social Rehab – Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone".

Inside this group I will offer meetups, events and coaching to help you building a truly fulfiling life.

This group will use action based spirituality to understand better how human experiences are processed and to how SET OURSELVES FREE.

We will use the power of universal spiritual truths and put them to the test in real-life situations by utilizing socially exciting comfort zone challenges.

One event series I'm going to offer is the "Set Yourself Free" meetups.

These meetups are your chance to dip your toe into the waters and see me and my methods without huge costs nor commitment.

Even though these don't cost a lot, they will still be surprisingly life changing as more than 400+ participants who attended my German meetups back in 2019 know exactly what I mean.

As I noticed there is a high demand from expats, so I created this group as an experiment to see if people are interested to join me on this! Are you in?


I noticed, to create a truly fulfilling life we have to go back to our core needs.

Even though there is many ideas out there of what our core needs are, I believe the strongest core need is love.

Self-love, love from our family, our partner, our friends and acknowledgment from significant others an do on.

Nothing is stronger and will ever have a deeper impact on your life.

But it's tough sometimes.

If love (in all its variations) is missing, something huge is missing in our life – no matter how much we meditate, bio hack or try other methods to fill the gap.

Oftentimes we are distracted and follow duties, like work, parenting, taking care of logistics...and we don't necessarily feel like anything is wrong.

But our brain is reminding us with questions like, who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose to go deeper and go back to what really matters.

And suddenly we remind ourselves!

To some this might sounds esoteric. I get it. In the beginning it did to me, too, to be honest.

But what 90% of people do all day is doing the exact that:

They are stressed, full of angst and worries and basically ruin everything that would make them feel fulfilled.

After years of doing this it becomes a strong pattern for many people, which brings really bad side effects.

Depression, burnout, social anxiety to just name a few...

They unlearned to know what matters and stand up for themselves, but also oftentimes how to feel love, connection and empathy.

Because it needs a no, to say yes to the important stuff. Be bold.

So in short, this is why I am doing my job.

I'm showing people to break the pattern by breaking their comfort zone. This way people get back to what they were actually able to feel before becoming an adult and responsible human being: love – and love needs courage :)

If you're interested in changing your life to the better by building your courage, improving your social intelligence, becoming more self-confident and creating deep social connection – this is for you!

Best and much love,