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Enabling entrepreneurial minds to have an impact on major societal challenges: We need entrepreneurs, professionals and scientists to address the key challenges in the near, mid and long term future in Healthcare and Life-Sciences.

This group aims to leverage creative methodologies, science and business model design to enable the formation and connection of a startup scene: Are you in digital health, biotech, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, phyto sciences, bioinformatics, data analysis, business intelligence, IT development, design, social media networking? Are you a student, freelancer, work in an established company, institute, venture capital or startup? Everyone is welcome to connect and build something new or present their projects, services, or events. Join us now!

Grants4Apps is an Open Innovation initiative from Bayer. Grants4Apps allocates grants or offers financial support to innovative Healthcare and AgTech startups and developer teams working in particular fields. It currently includes an accelerator program. Please visit http://www.grants4apps.com for more information. Grants4Apps supports this meetup group.

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