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tech&talk - Solingen
tech&talk - Solingen
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~~~ The hitchhiker’s guide for the confused developer - Making sense of an increasingly mad IT ~~~ von Uwe Friedrichsen ~~~

Microservices. Serverless. DDD. Blockchain. Cloud native. BaaS. PaaS? InfoSec. AI. Deep Learning. Docker. DevOps. NoOps? API. Platform. SRE. Big Data. Fast Data. UX. UI first. Digitization. IoT. 3D Printing. AR. Plus new languages, frameworks and tools every day. Always Faster. Better. Resilient. Zero downtime. And. And. And ...

Today's IT world can be quite confusing for anyone involved with it. Do we really need to understand all of it? How does it fit together? Is there a bigger picture those topics fit in or are they just cells on a bullshit bingo card? And how does my daily work fit into that, with all those "legacy systems" using "legacy technology" in a company still struggling to adopt "Agile"? Or should I just dismiss all this hypemania and keep on doing what I did all the time and everything will be fine?

Lots of questions. Lots of confusion in the land of IT.

In this session, I will try to provide some answers. We will start by looking at some forces that create different kinds of pressure on IT. Based on those forces, we will create a bigger picture of the IT landscape these days. Then we will locate some of the "hype" topics as well as some "legacy" topics in that landscape (as all of them have their place).

Finally, I will try to provide some hints what you as a software engineer can do to sustain or even increase your craft and market value, based on a well-balanced combination of new and timeless skills.

While not promising to answer every question you might have, I hope to put some sense back into to the increasing madness of IT and give you a better idea how to stay ahead of the curve. Or using the words of our ultimate source of nerd wisdom: DON'T PANIC! ... ;)

~~~ Ich finde das aber so hübscher - Wie man Daten richtig visualisiert und warum manche Aspekte keine Geschmacksfrage sind ~~~ von Stefan Spittank ~~~

In Projekten stößt man immer wieder auf Anforderungen für deren Umsetzung Informationen visualisiert werden müssen. Aber wie können wir diese Visualisierungen gestalten? Und gibt es Darstellungen die besser geeignet sind als andere? Wenn ja, warum? Der Vortrag beschäftigt sich mit einigen Grundlagen, wie wir Informationen wahrnehmen und der Anwendung dieses Wissens auf einige Beispiele. Zum Abschluss ein kleiner Ausblick auf ein Framework zur Vereinheitlichung von Geschäftskommunikation (International Business Communication Standards IBCS)