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The No.1 China meetup in Berlin since 2015!
Each week, the cozy Path2China meetup connects creative minds from different background to discuss topics including and beyond business, culture, life and headline topics related to China!

If you are ...

• Startup Founder who are interested in entering China

• Entrepreneur & Business Owner who plan to expand and grow in the Chinese market

• China-related Business Professionals

• Or anyone who is just interested in learning more about the Middle Kingdom!

And you are looking for...

• Learning more about the opportunity in the largest single market in the world

• Reach out for customers and / or suppliers from China for your product

• Pitch investor and strategic partner for your new venture

• Connect with China experts & fans in Germany

• ... or just networking in the heart of Europe's "Startup Mecca"?

Then this group is just right for you!

About the Organizer

The task "Entering China" is a tough one, that’s for sure. And as if building a startup wouldn’t be already hard enough, the Chinese market holds some huge surprises and challenges in store, especially for western companies. This is why we founded TechCode - a global innovation eco-system connecting new ideas with China - spreading over 7 countries and 25 cities now and keep growing. We started in Berlin in 2015 and are now the No.1 hot-spot for China Business in the German capital. More about TechCode can be found on www.techcode-germany.com (http://www.techcode-germany.com)

What you can expect?

Our events provide you with the chance to pitch your ideas and products on a regular basis in our cozy co-working space at Alexanderplatz. Sometimes there will be a special prize to win. Sometimes there will be investors scouting their new unicorns on the scene. Sometimes we just through in a traditional Chinese tea party. One thing remains the same though: you will always meeting with new people and business ideas around China. Keep an eye out for our latest event update and reach out!

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Digital China Insight: Open Source - East Meets West


The open source software movement has become mainstream. Every day we use applications that are based on the contribution of a huge community of developers. Today, all major tech players, whether it is Google, Microsoft or Tencent as well as companies from other industries use open source for their own benefit. But what is it like to build a startup with an open source software business model? What are risks and benefits? And how different is the environment in Western countries and in China when it comes to implementing an open source software business model? We are happy to have the opportunity to discuss this topic on a new episode of our Path2China Webinar Series with two honored guests and TechCode Germany members: - Han Xiao, Founder and CEO of Jina AI - Niels Lindenthal, Founder and CEO of OpenProject // Agenda Han and Niels will each introduce themselves and give an overview of their companies and business models. This is followed by a panel discussion on the differences of open source movement in China and in the West (Focus Germany). Finally, most of the time is reserved for your questions and comments. Technical questions are also welcomed. This event will again take place in cooperation with Huawei (www.huawei.com/de). 10:00 Han Xiao: Introduction of Jina AI 10:15 Niels Lindenthal: Introduction OpenProject 10:30 Panel: "The Open Source Movement - East meets West" (Han Xiao, Niels Lindenthal, Till Ammelburg) 11:15 Q&A 12:00 End // About Jina AI is building an open-source neural search ecosystem for businesses and developers, enabling everyone to search for information in all kinds of data with high accessibility and scalability OpenProject is the leading open source project management software. It provides Web-based open source project management software to support teams along the entire project management life-cycle. // To Expect: You will get insights into the following areas and more: Basics: What is open source? What is the difference between an individual doing open source (as a hobby) and companies doing open source? How is the open source movement different in China and in Germany? What discussion around open source is most prominent in each of the countries? What is the role of Github in Germany and China? How are contributors making money (or don't) in China and the West? Are there funding models? … Startups and open source: Why chose companies an open source approach for their business? What are the benefits of open sourcebusiness models? What are the most popular open source business models in Germany and in China? How startup-friendly is the environment in each of the countries (corporates, talent, investors, regulators)? When it comes to implementation of an open source business model, what are the differences between China and the West? What other successful open source startups are there? … Culture: What image does the public have on open source in East and West? How are developers thinking of open source in China and in Germany? How are data protection issues approached regarding open source? … // Links to Warm Up Kevin Xu: Open Source in China https://interconnected.blog/open-source-in-china-the-players/ CNBC: The Rise of Open Source Software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpeDK1TPbew Honeypot: The Rise of Open Source Communities in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFjIBM0TR7U https://jina.ai/ https://www.openproject.org/ https://www.harmonyos.com/en/home

Chinese Culture 101: Science Fiction Literature


Being declared "spiritual pollution" two decades ago, Chinese science fiction literature has blossomed a lot since then. More and more Chinese science fiction is translated into English and other languages - so it is the perfect time to explore its history. Sinja (TechCode) will have a look at how Chinese science fiction has become a new global phenomenon. We are very happy to welcome our special guest Lukas who is the publisher of the Kapsel Magazin. Kapsel is a magazine for science fiction literature from China. In it, stories from the contemporary Chinese science fiction cosmos are translated into German. At the same time, Kapsel holds discussions about China, literature, and the future. Lukas will tell us more about Kapsel's background, mission, and success story. For this webinar, we have planned something special. We will be raffling off 3x1 the third issue of Kapsel Magazin (in German language!). The story of the third issue is called "The perfect diagnosis" and was written by Jiang Bo from Shanghai. In it, the computer scientist shows the limits of big data. This short story, which was first published in China in 2018, shows that things are not as they seem. You enter the raffle by registering for the Zoom event with your full name and mail address (https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5615917809399/WN_Yxhk43kfSvmbg0kzmB4HDg). The raffle will be happening live online, so make sure to show up. If someone is declared the winner but is not online, the draw will be repeated. Raffle eligibility requirements: - Address within the EU - At least 18 years old

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Chinese Culture 101: Mid-Autumn Festival


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